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Fire Compartmentation Integrity Surveys

Simply put, fire compartmentation or fire stopping is the process of effectively limiting the damage that a fire may cause to a building. Effective and compliant compartmentation and fire stopping ensure fires can be contained to identified areas, and not spread to other parts of a building or premises.

Our Fire Compartmentation Integrity Survey involves a comprehensive assessment of the fire compartmentation systems within a building, including walls, floors, doors, and ceilings, to identify any breaches or defects that could compromise their effectiveness in the event of a fire.

The surveys are carried out by experienced and qualified professionals who use the latest technolgy and techniques to conduct a thorough inspection. The survey report includes a detailed analysis of any defects identified, together with recommendations for remedial action to restore the integrity of the system. Addressing these breaches by installing appropriate and complaint fire stopping can significantly reduce the risk of fire spread within the building, protecting occupants and assets. 

By investing in Fire Compartmentation Integrity Surveys, building owners and managers can rest assured that their property is compliant with fire safety regulations and best practice, helping to keep occupants safe in the event of a fire.

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